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In the paradisiac Saladita Beach, one of the best surf destinations in the world for beginners and pros, less than forty minutes drive from Zihuatanejo International Airport. Los Panchos features an exclusive community for surfers dreaming on having a piece of heaven on earth. Nestled on the Pacific Coast amidst tropical jungle and the ocean in a gorgeous peninsula just a few meters from the point break.  


La Saladita Beach

This beach town is a lovely place for nature and peace lovers, features one of the most constant and long waves of the pacific coast. Surf, Yoga or just doing nothing is your daily itinerarie in your new home.


Surf Condos

Hidden between the lush tropical vegetation these stylishly sustainable beach villas offer absolute privacy. Located on the beachfront, with a panoramic upper deck and direct beach access. Enjoy the luxury in outdoor rain showers or an intimate afternoon sunbathing in the sun.

Amenities & Services

In Los Panchos, every day dawns with endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation: surfing, relaxing in the pool, gourmet meals, hiking, cycling and much more. Discover the home that fits your lifestyle. It is an experience, a new way of living.


Coco Beach Club

Enjoy time after the surf in our fantastic Coco Beach Club, where we will have amazing local food , drinks and more.

Experience the local flavor and enjoy the social of this lovely community.

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Healthy & Delicious 

Our objective is providing our customers food that tastes good and is better for you using natural ingredients that are grown locally, creating healthy nutritious and exquisite dishes. We believe it is important to have different options that are good for you and the environment offering an organic, gourmet concept that came to stay in your heart.



Enjoy our Wellness Community, focused on increasing our consciousness of the body through natural therapies and yoga classes. Yoga can be seen as medicine for the physical body and medicine for the over-worked mind. Grow with us, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Surf Community

The perfect place to surf, away from the city, waves with few people. Welcome to the nature playground, your own private heaven, when you are done riding waves for the day, come and chill at our Coco Beach Club and other surf amenities right on Saladita.



Nowadays being sustainable is not an option, it's an obligation. The world at the edge of an environmental catastrophe which has been caused by the way we live. What we eat, what we buy and how we get the energy are the main factors that determine how much CO2 reaches the ozone layer and accelerates global warming.

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Go with the flow.